Bi-fold doors installed

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Bi-fold doors installed

Bi-fold doors have become one of the essential additions to homes and extensions. The outdoor way of life during the summer months is now a desirable option and creates an extra living space. Recent improvements to the value of glass insulation mean that large glass surfaces are not needed during the winter. As a result, in the winter months, you can enjoy a comfortable view with the new Bi-fold doors. Our new aluminium sheets are stylish and slender but retain all structural strength and safety, which has become an important feature in modern door systems.

Our Bi-fold doors are available in different formats and colours to suit all environments, why not call us today and so we can answer your questions?

Features of our Bi-fold Doors:

  • Available in different colour range with Smart Sensations
  • It is inherited from innovations
  • Combined hinges in colour
  • Low or reduced threshold capabilities
  • Available in several different forms of opening

Safety is the most important

All our Bi-fold doors are designed to open outwards with a standard height of 2120 mm and can be adapted to any width of the hole. As with all our glass products, safety is always high, and the new Bi-fold doors does not differ, with the locking system installed on the main door and stainless steel screws on the Bi-fold door (with locking key if necessary). All new equipment has been tested with up to 50,000 holes and closures and has already been used only on heavy doors. The main door has a magnetic stop on the door, so when the door is open, the main door remains in place.

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